What’s International Cosplay League?

ICL is an international cosplay competition created and organized by Japan Weekend, the biggest pop culture convention of Spain. The first edition was held in 2017 with 11 international countries from three different continents. The finale of 2024 will take part on September 21st and 22nd of 2024.

What’s the system of the competition?

We select a duo and a solo contestant. The duo is based on the performance (60% performance and 40% craftsmanship) and the solo is based completely on the craftsmanship, so a performance is not required.

What are the awards in the finale?

The first place is an economical reward consisting in 2000€ for the duo and 1000€ for the solo. The second and third places receive sponsored awards to be announced.

What are the activities during the finale?

International Cosplay League is a competition that pursues the fun part of cosplay. The convention only lasts two days, but we cover extra activities for the contestants such as a welcome party, sightseeing, dinners in private spaces including regional food…