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Caiva (solo): I go by the name Caiva. I’m 28 years old, and I’ve been creating my own costumes since 2011. I have an affinity for armor, delicate details, and props, and I usually plan my projects around that. My main source of inspiration usually comes from video games or concept art. This will be my second time attending an event in Spain, and I’m very excited to be a part of ICL again. 

Jane (duo): Hello, My name is Janeth and I am 35 years old, my nickname is Jane. In cosplay I don’t give up easily, although I have won competitions, not many. It is where you learn so much about perseverance and continuing to do what you like most in life. I’m always learning so much in cosplay and I’m so excited to have this great opportunity. Re-happy.

Fer (duo): Hello, I’m Fernando and I’m 45 years old, and within the world of cosplay I use the nickname Fer. Due to the nature of my work, the time I have for cosplay is limited, so when I start a project I try to take it through a process in which little by little it reaches a level of quality and similarity to the original character. My primary inclination in prop development is the manufacturing of helmets, mechanical parts, weapons and semi-armor.

How did you discover cosplay and what made you start in this hobby? How long ago?

Caiva: I’ve always been fascinated with costume designs in video games and movies and thought it could be cool to try and recreate that myself. I’m not sure when I became aware of the concept of “cosplay”, but it feels like I’ve been into it my whole life. 

Jane: Since I was little I always wanted to cosplay the characters that I really liked from animes and movies… but I thought that in my country and place of birth there was no such possibility, when I learned about anime events, I attended with my first Mikasa Ackerman cosplay on which I made from scratch. I also managed to get on stage and decided from that day on to lose my fear, participate in contests and improve the quality of my costumes and my presentations. I am aware of my limitations in terms of materials and I still try to move forward. I have managed to win competitions and many not, so we managed to qualify in 2019 in the dual with Fer for the ICL and I am so excited to have this second opportunity to give my best.
I love doing crossplay and strong and independent female characters, I always have in mind to do as many characters as I can and make them as faithful as possible taking their attitudes too… and I love doing cosplay and feeling happy with myself, because of cosplay I had to learn to sew, manipulate foam, style/make my own wigs and always practice with makeup and I will continue to do so.

Fer: In my childhood/youth I liked animes and series related to space, robots, mechas, which made me want to represent those characters. Furthermore, I have always had an inclination for manual arts, such as putting things together, carpentry, graphic design, although aimed at mechanics. It wasn’t until approximately 2014, after meeting Jane, that I really entered the world of cosplay, firstly, based on the manual skills I had, supporting the development of props and a couple of years later with the development of my own costumes. and participation in events and competitions. I like this hobby because it allows me to use multiple manual and power tools, different types of materials, in addition to discovering and putting into practice new work techniques.

Why did you choose that project for the online selection? Is this your first time joining an international cosplay competition?

Caiva: I wanted to give that cosplay a chance to shine. Wolf was a little passion project I made during the pandemic with no deadlines or competitions in mind. This will be my seventh time attending an international cosplay competition. I’ve previously competed at the Nordic Cosplay Championship and EuroCosplay.

Jane: Fer likes to play lonely characters and I like to play independent and strong characters. When I have a dual in mind, I look for something in which we can both perform comfortably and with characters that we like. We have managed to make some duos like Ashe and Mcree from Overwacth, Jocker and Batman Ninja. Since I discovered the video game “Borderlands” I loved many characters, due to the particularity of their design, animation and story. Taking this into account, I had to interpret it, what better than in a dual where the development of the character is developed more. Tyreen Calypso is uniquely so strong, so independent and yet so bonded with brotherhood. She will do everything to get her revenge, I love her. It was easy to convince Fer, he loved Fl4k as soon as he saw him.
We had the opportunity to participate in the ICL 2019. I independently qualified for a final in the country of Chile for 2020, which was canceled a month later due to the pandemic. Yes, depression for a while.

Fer: As previously indicated Jane, I have a penchant for portraying lone gunfighter characters, with good weapons, biomechanical parts, and LED light applications. Fl4k was a project that I had in mind, but due to its complexity, it was always relegated. The time had to come when I would take on the challenge of doing it, and I decided to start the project. Along the way, the ICL call for online selections was presented, which was the final motivation to face the project with all the dedication possible. I really like characters whose clothing includes armor, biomechanical pieces, with a firearm and with lighting applications where they can use LEDs. This is the second time I have participated in the ICL finals in the Duo category, the first time was in 2019.

What does cosplay mean for you? And what is your favorite part of the hobby?

Caiva: As amazing or sad as it sounds, I think it has become a lifestyle. I love crafting or learning about new techniques whenever I have free time. It’s the perfect way to relax after a busy day.

My favourite part of the hobby is the community; exchanging stories, knowledge and new friendships! I love going to events and meet so many awesome people. 

Jane: Cosplay takes up all my free time. I work a lot on myself to stay focused and finish costumes since it is difficult for me but once I get into the rhythm it doesn’t stop me at all. I always have characters in mind that I really like and in some way I identify with them, that’s what I like about the hobby. (If I can’t know the character… I will be the character). It is also a way to interact with other people and make some friends. Cosplay drives me to know a little about everything regarding the arts of painting, sewing, design, even photography and photoshop…

Fer: Currently cosplay is my main hobby, taking up most of my free time, my favorite part is that with each new project there are always challenges about new techniques and/or materials to use, which implies being very creative to achieve good results. There is great satisfaction when the work goes as planned. Apart from this, from a personal point of view, it implies development since it requires interacting with new people and seeking better performance in presentations in front of the public.

How did the pandemic affect your motivation and project for the selections? 

Caiva: The pandemic gave me a chance to slow down. With no looming threats of the dreaded “con-crunch,” I realized, that taking whatever time I need to finish a cosplay is wonderful.  I feel like my motivation has been rejuvenated. 

Jane: The Pandemic affected me a lot in terms of new experience in competitions, in 2020 an international event in which I had already qualified was canceled. It limited me even more to get material to advance new projects… but it also gave me a break and to make simpler characters and practice in makeup. I had to stop borderline characters like Tyreen, which I was already planning to do, due to taking care of the health of my pets.
Fer: Although, to date, in Peru, day-to-day life has practically returned to normal in relation to what we experienced during the pandemic, I must say that the pause that the quarantine imposed on work activities and being able to be at home, I contributed to have more time to complete cosplay projects that I developed slowly or that were just ideas, as is the case with the Fl4k costume.

Do you think cosplay is changing since the pandemic? Why and how?

Caiva: I’m not sure if the cosplay community has changed or if it’s just my view in general, but I think it’s flourishing like never before.

Jane: The Pandemic brought opportunities for many cosplayers due to many online competitions, for photos and likes. Also due to the confinement, the community grew more and it is no longer seen as just an activity for a few, but now many do it and it is fine. Perseverance is rare… but everyone can cosplay and they generate more work for propmakers and cosmakers, in the sale of wigs and contact lenses.
Fer: From my point of view it has changed a lot, I personally am not very active on social networks, but the pandemic and quarantine gave rise to turning to them, interacting with cosplayers from other places, learning new techniques, having the possibility of finding a greater amount of online tutorials. All of this allows you to truly be the level you are at and gives you the motivation to continue improving. In addition, it has allowed the existence of online contests, and as in this case selections for important international events, which is enormous support for cosplayers from countries where it is difficult to access this type of competitions.

What do you expect from your visit to Spain? Is this your first time visiting the country? 

Caiva: This will be my second time I visit Spain. The first time I was here, was for Japan Weekend Madrid in 2018. I remember being a little nervous as I had never attended a con so far away before. It was an amazing experience, so I am looking forward to visit again!

Jane: In 2019 we classified the ICL as dual, our first international participation was somewhat chaotic before the trip… without guides here, we were advancing blindly. We qualified with an Overwatch dual and with little time we decided to do another one for the final… the joker and Batman, now we are getting psyched up and preparing to arrive and give our best, be in optimal health conditions to be able to perform better among the fellow cosplayers meet them, share good memories and leave our presentation high. I am really very happy for this second opportunity and I will continue trying as long as it takes, until I can win.
Fer: This will be the second time I will be in Spain. The first was for the 2019 ICL, and due to travel complications, we arrived late, which did not allow me to fully enjoy the visit. I hope this time I can enjoy all the activities with my fellow cosplayers. I hope to be able to represent Peru in the best way in the competition, in addition to interacting with all the participants, from where I will surely obtain new references to improve the techniques and greater motivation to continue developing in cosplay.

How was the experience of joining the online selections? Did you have the costume ready or did you make a new one?

Caiva: It was certainly a different experience to try and showcase a costume completely through a videoshowcase and portfolio, but it was fun to try! I decided for Wolf since I was confident that I would be able to finish it before the deadline… Famous last words. 

Jane: When I found out about the online selection, I was very excited and said that we should not miss this opportunity to give our best, to try hard to have better results in the finish of our costume and presentation… Waiting for the results was so tortuous haha .
Fer: Participating in the online selection was a different and unique experience, since it involved making an effort to maintain high motivation to achieve a good result in the making of the suit and in the design of the presentation, considering that if we were selected, we would compete at the highest level. level; but at the same time manage the uncertainty of accepting the possibility of not being selected. Then it was a somewhat distressing situation to be waiting, day after day, for the results of the selection.

Describe the cosplay community in your country using five words.

Caiva: Amazing, crazy, passionate, sausages, what!?

Jane: Slow, needs to wake up… there are good ones.
Fer: Moving forward, international experience needed

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Team Denmark and Peru were selected during the online selections.