Peru 🇵🇪

Your nickname and age:

Maru: Hi! My name is Maru Ackermann and I’m 27 years old.
Krizthel: Krizthel Swed, 24 years old.
Johan: Johan Props, 34 years old.

How did you discover cosplay and what made you start this hobby? How long ago?

M: I discovered cosplay almost 13 years ago, and I liked to see the costumes and interpretations they made of the characters that I liked so much. I was encouraged thanks to some friends I met when I moved from town, since they wanted to form a group of Hetalia in 2012, it was there that I started in this beautiful art.
K: More or less 4 years ago, with some friend who invited me to participate in a cosplay event where we take part as press (photo and video), which turned out to be an adventure for me, It discover me the world of cosplay. It’s so funny to use a suit to become a hero or a villain and play the characters. The mix of a bunch of arts is what I like most.
J: Thanks to the Internet. I stared making cosplay because I wanted to work making costumes for movies; armors, props,…. And in the way I learned 3D, which is what I’m currently doing.

What was the reason behind your costume choice for the ICL preselection? Is this your first time joining an international cosplay competition?

M: I chose this character because it was a new challenge for me, since it is the first time I do a cosplay with that level of difficulty, I liked the skin a lot for the amount of detail in it and for the story behind the character. This is the first time that I participate in an international selection, and also the first time I participate in an event in a competitive way.
K: I usually prefer games more than anime, manga,… And well this time I made crossplay, It’s so funny to be a villain! And yes, is the first time I come outside of my country, I’m so happy for having the opportunity and so nervous! I know It’ll be an amazing experience 😀
J: It started as a project, but it turned on having the opportunity to interpret it and participating for the first time in an international event. We are so happy for having the opportunity of travelling to Spain for the first time.

What does cosplay mean for you? And what is your favourite part of the hobby?

M: For me it means a lot, since it has allowed me to meet many people, I discovered skills that I did not know I had, and above all it has taught me not to give up when I start something, to give everything to the end. My favorite part, apart from the fun I can share with my friends in each event, is the satisfaction of seeing a finished cosplay, after dawns, frustrations, tears and blood xD
K: Fun, art, meeting with friends and make videos with them.
J: Art, where you can experiment and improve with any kind of materials, forms… It’s an experience that gives you the opportunity to meet new geek people hahaha…

What do you expect from your visit to Spain? Is your first time visiting the country?

M: I hope to meet many people, share experiences, and lots, lots of food. This is my first time not only in Spain, it is my first time in another continent, so it will be a trip that I will enjoy a lot.
K: It’s really exciting, I see how awesome the cosplay community is, and the displays that are made there. We hope to learn, enjoy and give the best of us. It’s my first time going outside my country and I’m really happy to represent it. I thank everyone for the opportunity.
J: Share this experience, learn and have fun.

Have you decided your project for the finals in Madrid? Can you give us a clue?

M: Yes! It is already in process, although it was difficult to decide for the character, I cannot say who it is, only that it will be very big and green.
K: COCO but in a funny way, we hope that everyone likes and enjoys it. It’s a history about family, joy, and the ties we have before dying. We will die again, depending on who remembers us, for our actions.
J: Yes, Coco 😀

Describe the cosplay community in your country using five words.

M: Talent, passion, growth, cooperation, friendship.
K: Fun, friends, creativity, art and passion.
J: Creativity, 3D hahaha, friends, passion, family!

Where can we find your works?

Maru Ackermann| Krizthel Swed | Johan Props