The Netherlands 🇳🇱

Your nickname and age:

Surelia: Hi! I’m Surelia and 23 years old currently!

Silestia: Hi, I’m Silestia and I’m 25 years old.

Chanco: & My name is Chanco, I’m 26

How did you discover cosplay and what made you start in this hobby? How long ago?

S: I started cosplaying 5 years ago. I’ve been into gaming and Anime since I was fairly young and discovered there was a whole community based around them through my cousin! I visited my first convention together with my cousin 5 years ago and started cosplaying after seeing many wonderful costumes. It gave me a new way to be creative and out my fondness for certain characters!

Si: I discovered cosplay when I was 15 years old, so that is 10 years ago already! I joined a friend to an anime convention with my improvised closet cosplay. After that I bought a few cosplays, but there was something missing for me. Since 2013 I started to make my own cosplay costumes, since I really like it to be creative.

Ch: I discovered cosplay in 2013, I was already 20 years old and just geeking out about stuff with bew friends in a bar,we decided to make cosplays and go to a con together! Best decision ever.

Why did you choose your project for the ICL preselection? Is this your first time joining an international cosplay competition?

S: I absolutely love the Tales series and absolutely love Rose from Tales of Zestiria. She is badass and has her own way of living her life, she is not to be trifled with and not easy to upset. When I entered part of the game where she got her own Armatus version (it’s kind of like a magical girl transformation. I do not know a better way to describe it) I just knew I had to cosplay it!

Si: Chanco and I wanted to challenge our cosplay making and acting skills, so we decided to team up and join the ICL preselections. This was the first time we entered and international cosplay competition and we loved it! We decided to cosplay as Merida and Elinor from Brave after we watched this movie. I really like the mother-daughter relationship in this movie and the dilemma Merida has to overcome and both of the costumes of these characters.

C: Exactly what Silestia says; we love both the characters and their costumes, so it was a lot of fun to make these! I loved the acting-part as well and I think, what made it so much fun, is translating our normal “best friend feeling” to a “Mom-daughter feeling”.

What does cosplay mean for you? And what is your favorite part of the hobby?

S: Cosplay is a way for me to use my creative skills to make something I really like. It’s challenging and helps me to concentrate on particular techniques and choices. As someone who is easily distracted it’s reassuring that there is something I can keep my mind on. Showing the results of something you worked hard on is my favorite part about cosplay!

Si: For me cosplay is a way to expres my creativity and challenge myself to become better everytime I make a costume. I also really like it to bring a character to life by a combination of the costume, acting and makeup.

C: I love making stuff in general, costumes, good, music. I need a creative way to blow of some steam from everyday life. Cosplay has so many different creative aspects, so its pefect for me! I also love meeting all the different kinds of people who visit conventions as well.

What do you expect from your visit to Spain? Is this your first time visiting the country?

S: I expect to have a lot of fun with everyone and see a little bit of the spanish cosplay community. It’s my first time in Spain, so I’m really excited to meet everyone and see the country!

Si: I only visited Spain once when I was a kid. I never visited Madrid before, so for me it is a big adventure!

C: I actually have never been in Spain! I’m super excited though. And i always wanted to learn Spanish. (Is this my big chance?)

Have you decided your project for the finals in Madrid? Can you give us a clue?

S: I’m actually working on my project for the finals while writing this! All I want to say is that it’s going to be another character from the Tales series 😉

Si: Yes! Chanco and I thought that our Brave costumes would be too warm to wear, so we changed our projects. It will be two characters from a very popular online game.

C: pew pew pew

Describe the cosplay community in your country using five words.

S: Eccentric, Ambitious, Jolly, Proud, Kind

Si: small, cozy, food, funny, ambitious.

C: Cheerful, generous, warm, social, ambitious

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