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Your nickname and age:

Maki: I’m Maki, twenty-eight.

Beibei: I’m Beibei, 24 years.

Feiyao: I’m Feiyao, 25 years old.

How did you discover cosplay and what made you start in this hobby? How long ago?

M: About nine years ago, as a freshman, I joined my university’s welcome party where I was first time getting touch with cosplay. I still remember, the senior students’ cosplay performance on the stage was so amazing, their costumes and props were gorgeous which almost flashed my eyes at that time.

B: I learned about cosplay when communicating with my friend and become interested in it. 9 years ago!

F: My friend told me to try it. 9 years­ ago!

Why did you choose your project for the ICL preselection? Is this your first time joining an international cosplay competition?

M: Because, as I consider, the costumes in this game can well present the essence of Chinese traditional costume culture. And more importantly, I was deeply moved by the exquisite plots of this game. Yes, it is my first time.

B: Because of the touching story of the game.Yes, this is my first time.­

F: Let more people know the culture of Chinese games.Yes.­, my first time.

What does cosplay mean for you? And what is your favorite part of the hobby?

M: It is not only my hobby and interests, but also my work direction. The design and produce costumes of different games.

B: It an part and parcel of my life. I do the props.­

F: Cosplay is part of my life now.When I put on my clothes,I feel sense of accomplishment.

What do you expect from your visit to Spain? Is this your first time visiting the country?

M: Exchanging ideas and learning from each other, to communicate with cosplay lovers from various countries via this opportunity. Yes. it’s my fist time!

B: Yes! I want to learn flamenco steps.

F: I want to try Spanish ham!! Yes, my first time!

Have you decided your project for the finals in Madrid? Can you give us a clue?

M: Yes!

B & F: Yes. A clue… it’s a disaster caused by seducing the vicious mask of human beings.

Describe the cosplay community in your country using five words.

M: Widespread, passionate, burning love, full of energy and diversity

B: Very broad.Passion.Ardently love.Energetic.Full of variety.

F; Many people.Enthusiasm.Need more time.Restore.With love.­

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