Switzerland 🇨🇭

Your nickname and age:
C-LConception: I’m C-LConception and I’m 27

Chiisana: I’m Chiisana, I’m 24 years old.
Nijiko: I’m Nijiko and I’m 27.

How did you discover cosplay and what made you start in this hobby? How long ago?

C: In 2009 I went to my first Polymanga and I saw the Cosplay contest. I alredy did a lot of costumes at the time, but I totally fell in love with the concept of making it yourself and being on stage with it. I immediatly decided I would participate the next year, and I did. (I even got the “youg hope” reward)

Ch: By Nijiko. Nijiko and me have beginning cosplay with One Piece cosplay, it was our first cosplay together. Since we’ve decided to continue in this way and try to go on stages! I make cosplay since five years ago.
N: In my first convention thanks to my husband. When I started reading One Piece, I liked this universe so much that I wanted to start cosplaying. I discovered a passion for sewing and the interpretation of various characters. I started 8 years ago.

Why did you choose your project for the ICL preselection? Is this your first time joining an international cosplay competition?

C: I choose The March Hare because I love Alice in wonderland, and I wanted to make a Sakizo Cosplay for a long time. Her designs are so intricate and detailed! It will be my second time in an international contest; I represented Switzerland during the Yamato cosplay cup in 2017.

Ch: Because with Nijiko we love this movie a lot and we laughed so many times when we saw the movie and that’s why we decided to make these cosplays. The characters of Miguel and Tulio match us well because they understand each other in a single look (like us) and they always have crazy ideas and we find ourselves enough in their exentric side. Yes, it’s the first time.

N: because with Chiisana we really like this movie and we find ourselves in the characters and their complicity. We decided to do their cosplay just for fun and here we are! It’s the first time.

What does cosplay mean for you? And what is your favorite part of the hobby?

C: Cosplay is for me the ultimate form of artistic expression. All the things you have to master make you learn all the time. I love analyzing a design, figuring out how to make each part, and I love stage. Being on stage is so important, you get to tell a story, make people dream a little and you can at last show your work after all the hours you took to make it.

Ch: Research, create, learning news technicals, meeting people. My favorite part is going on stage for convey our joy and have some fun!

N: learn new techniques, whether in sewing or in the manufacture of accessories. I prefer meeting other people with the same passion and the same madness.

What do you expect from your visit to Spain? Is this your first time visiting the country?

C: I went to Spain a lot for holydays when I was little, but never in Madrid. I hope to meet the Spanish cosplay community, which, I heard is great and passionate, and hopefully make friends there.

Ch: It isn’t, I came in Barcelona a long time ago! I excpect to discover Madrid’s city and meeting some lovely people.

N: I look forward to coming and waiting for you to have a great time and make lots of new encounters. This is the first time I come to Spain.

Have you decided your project for the finals in Madrid? Can you give us a clue?

C: It wont be a big surprise because I’m going to wear the same as during the selection.

C: Yes, we do! Here’s a little clue: We love gold!

N: Yes, we do! Lot of good!

Describe the cosplay community in your country using five words.

C: Family, Friends, Talented, Not so big, Passionate.

Ch: Family, Help, Support, Passion and Fair play!

N: Friends, Fun, Help, Family and Support.

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