Italy 🇮🇹

Your nickname and age:
Piece of Cake: I’m Alberta, I’m part of the duo called Piece of Cake Cosplay, which is my husband and I. I’m 37 yrs old.

Sumo: ‘Sumo’ known to the Italian registry as ‘Simone Musso’, 34 years of experience.
Davide: Dutto Davide, also know as ‘Spyro’. 30 years old, and single. Nice to meet you!

How did you discover cosplay and what made you start in this hobby? How long ago?

P: I started back in 2014. I’ve always had the curiosity to try it, and in the summer of that year I decided to go on and make my first costume, Soraka from League of Legends. Me and my partner have a long past history with LARP, so I wasn’t new to costume crafting, and that really helped.

D: I’m in love with manga, comics, videogames, ecc… and this from my first days of life, and conventions are became my natural habitat (is it sound to nerdy? Yes …). The cosplay is became part of my fav hobbies only 4/5 years ago, when I decided to be my favorite hero, Ratman (a famous Italian character of Panini Comics) … and since I’ve received a lot of compliments, and because I am self-centered, I decided to play other characters. For gain other compliments to feed me! Ah ah
S: It’s a long story … Spyro, tell it.
D: What?! Oh gosh … Ok, 3 or 4 years ago, Sumo is gone at Torino Comics, his first convention, and walking around and looking around, he’ve seen a lot of cosplayers. He has told, textually “There are many who do bad works! Costums, accessories, interpretation … I could do much better!” … and now he is in a international competition, so he was not too wrong!
S: This make me look like a self-centered bastad!
D: And this is true!
S: Yes. It is! (p.s. my first characters was Hitler, from Kung Fury… and this is how I’ve become cosplayer!)
D: We are horrible people! Funny, almost.

Why did you choose your project for the ICL preselection? Is this your first time joining an international cosplay competition?

P: I chose the Sister of Battle because I really like strong female characters and futuristic design, plus I’ve always been a big fan of Warhammer. First time! I’m really excited.

D: This is our third attempt. First, Genos-Saitama … out! Second, Batman & Robin ‘60’s … ah ha, no ! And now we’ve won (like Bradbury, yes … but we won!). Yeah!
S: It is the best film in the galaxy! You must absolutely see it! Do it!
D: And it was also a hard and creative experience: 6 change of clothes, 3 special effects, 4 guitars, 2 incredible rockstars, plus make up, tailoring, vocal performace … it’s not easy to do this in stage in only 3 minutes!
S: Have you seen it? Go, now!
D: We also invented a cocktail, for celebrate our victory! … ah, self-centered bastards …

What does cosplay mean for you? And what is your favorite part of the hobby?

P: Cosplay is more a job than a hobby to me, I’ve been crafting and selling costumes professionally for almost five years now. What I really love about cosplay is the craftmanship it requires, and the practical challenges you have to face every day in order to get the best result possible. I maniacally care every detail of what I wear.

S: Fun, Beer, Tits.
D: Fun, Beer, Ass.
S & D: This is the answer for both questions.

What do you expect from your visit to Spain? Is this your first time visiting the country?

P: I visited Spain many times and can’t wait to come back!

D: I’ve visited Valencia and Gibilterra, in the past, with my parents whe I was child… now I want to do and I want to try everything! No one stop me!
S: Fun, Beer, and ‘belle donne’! I’m stra-gasato* of this new experience.
* word taken from italic slang, meaning ‘I’m ready, euphoric, exalted’ (also ‘sparkling’ if referred to water)

Have you decided your project for the finals in Madrid? Can you give us a clue?

P: I didn’t decide yet, there are two costumes that are tempting me from a long time. We’ll see

S & D: Spartacus, Blood and Sand, ep 01×13 Kill them all.
S: Exhibition will be very dramatic and technical; it is a challenge for us, because we usually focus on sympathy and on special effects, and this time tailoring and personation are on a different level … we always try to do our best, and more; opponents are warned !

Describe the cosplay community in your country using five words.

P: Quality, Acceptance, Commitment, Competition, Fun.

S & D: ‘Flame’, ‘photoshop’, ‘fun’, ‘beer’, … and … guess what?

Piece of Cake | Team Becilli