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Your nickname and age:
Kokoam: Mi nickname is Kokoam and I’m 27

Eothen: I’m Eothen, 27 y.o.

Dédalo: Dédalo, 23 y.o.

How did you discover cosplay and what made you start this hobby? How long ago?
K: Just like many of us, the first time was when I went to a con with a friend and, as we saw people in costumes, we said… “Wow! That’s amazing! People are dressed up!” When I went for the second time I whipped up a costume out of the clothes I had at home, and after that I felt like I wanted to learn how to sew to be able to make the costumes of the characters that I liked so much. ?

E: Some years ago, before cosplaying, I used to compete professionally in e-sports and, as you can expect, many of the finals used to take place at conventions that also had cosplay contests. They caught my attention to the point that I stepped away from the competitive gaming world and fully dedicated myself to this one.

D: I discovered it because I went with a friend to an anime convention for the first time and saw this whole world created around costumes, which I’ve always liked. That’s why I started. That was more than 6 years ago. 

How did you choose your project for the ICL preselection? Is this your first time joining an international cosplay competition?

K: The Snow White doll design that I made had been on my mind for a long time, and I knew this project would require a lot of time and effort. Snow White is my little charm, it always brought me luck in contests, so I decided to try it out at ICL!

E & D: We made this choice because we are both fascinated by Harry Potter and have never seen a similar performance. 

E: This is my second time at ICL (the first one was in 2017), and last year I was at CWM (Portugal, Iberanime 2018)

D: Not so long ago I participated in the ECG preselections and was lucky enough to have been chosen for the finals with my partner. And we placed second in the finals!

What does cosplay mean for you? And what is your favorite part of the hobby?

K: For me cosplay means “exceeding”. It’s a very thorough hobby and, apart from making great friends, I managed to improve in a lot of aspects. With each costume I make, I try to develop what I already know and work hard on it. Seeing the evolution of my costumes is one of the most pleasant things for me. Also, thanks to cosplay I can turn into a princess who’s able to bring a smile on the faces of the kids who need it the most. If you haven’t tried it yet, I can only say one thing… What are you waiting for?

E: Little by little it has turned into a lifestyle. It’s there for me every day, and competing and creating new costumes to act as new characters that fascinate me makes me very happy. 

D: For me it’s a way to connect with people that have the same interests and also a chance to experiment, create and have fun. My favorite part is bringing a character to life through acting on stage or in videos and pictures.

What do you expect from your participation in ICL? 

K: I’m very excited to meet all the different ICL contestants and have a great time with them. It will be an amazing experience.

E: Honestly I expect to provide you with a performance that everyone will undoubtedly enjoy and remember.  

D: I hope to enjoy the whole experience of participating in this contest with my partner and make the audience enjoy our performance.

Have you decided your project for the finals in Madrid? Can you give us a clue?

K: Indeed! Snow White will be with me once more (it’s the 5th costume I’m making of her haha) but this time it’s a Sakizo design. I’ve never made a Sakizo costume and I really wanted to, so it’s the best way to start!

E & D: Time to make a chimi-fuckin’-changas!

Describe the cosplay community in your country using five words.
K: Companionship, quality, friendship, craziness and olé!

E: Effort, dedication, diversity, good atmosphere.

D: companionship, learning, integration, talent, evolution

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